Why do gemstones fall out?

Slight knocking or even just the process of wearing can cause a setting to shift or flex, if it does this, then the result could be that the stone becomes loose.

One of gold’s properties which make’s it so ideal for jewellery is its softness, but as gold is a lot softer than diamond, a loose diamond will wear away a gold setting until there is insufficient metal to hold the stone in place.

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Remember to inspect your jewellery on a regular basis, and keep them nice and clean.

Want to help design your own jewellery?

Wild Trout uses ‘CounterSketch’ the award winning software from GemVision that helps you express your individuality.

I love working with this 3-D software which enables customers to express their creativity and bring their ideas to life in the design process.

There are literally thousands of gemstone styles and settings and customisations to choose from, and best of all it’s easy to create something quite unique.

Call us to set up a free demonstration today, you won’t believe the results!

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